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Central Virginia

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Is anyone from Central VA? I found a few dirt bike clubs, but no ATV trail riding clubs. Any suggestions for ride spots in the Charlottesville Area? Of course I am willing to travel.

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I just joined this Thumper Talk thing. Trying to get and share riding info myself, live outside of Charlottesville as well. Thinking about going out to Berts Trail Park this weekend. Have hit the GW Nation forest several times, not bad, looking for more wide open trails. Can you share any trail info locally?

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    • By PB318
      My job may be transfering me to the Staunton, VA area. Does anyone know of any motocross tracks in or around the Staunton area? I am a vet B/C rider and ride an RM250 and a yz450. I typically ride once during the week and at least once on the weekend. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    • By trueweb
      Can anyone tell me anything more about this law:
      It basically looks to me that if someone lets you use their land for recreation activities, such as riding, for free they are protected from liability by state law.
      It looks pretty clear here, but I wonder if any cases have held up. I've heard that a similar law in WV has held up pretty well.
      I'm thinking if I could provide people I know with a simple waiver that states any riding on "unmarked" trails is at the riders own risk for "dangerous conditions". If they don't mark any trails then they are not liable, or so it would seem.
      Thoughts, experiences? It seems to me this could be a really cool law that will help me find more riding areas if it will hold up!
    • By nd54
      I am heading down to Norfolk this weekend to visit the in laws and am bringing my bike. Was looking to hit Slades and Morgans Corner mx. How are the conditions(snow,mud,etc)
    • By Gotlabs
      Are there any VA folks that ride strictly dirt? I know there are a lot of DS folks, but don't see much otherwise.
    • By COAL RUN
      Patterson Mountain was a pretty nice place to ride not very rocky & always a good time. I did not know they were trying to shut it down, sad news. here is a link