Finally got time to get the boys bike together

And once started for the leak check and test ride.. We found the standard coolant leak from the weep hole.:excuseme::banghead:

Ahh, well for now it's very minor and only dripping when cold.. Not even going to bother pulling it down and checking impeller shaft condition..

Just ordered both seals, the impeller shaft, the bearing and a side case cover gasket.

Will check the counter balancer shaft for run out while I'm in there...address bearings as needed.

Any other maintenance, reliability fixes to dig into while there?

It makes a good opportunity to do this fix:

If it's an '06, check the ball bearing on the "stopper lever" (#6 in the image at: ) If the bearing feels wobbly and/or loose, order a 2S2-18140-10-00 for an '07 to replace it. The ball bearing occasionally falls apart and scatters the 6 or 7 balls around the room:

Thanks for the ideas grey// Think I will drill and tap that hole to M6x1.0 and screw an alumnium plug in it.


I added the 2007 detent arm to the parts order :excuseme:

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