Differences between 06' & 08' YZ450F

I just sold my 2006 YZ450F. I owned this bike for three years and really liked it once grayracer helped me get the jetting correct. I was looking to buy a 06' or newer YZ250 stroke but they are impossible to find in Northern, CA. I'm getting impatient and today I came across a really clean 08' YZ450F and was wondering if there were many changes made to the 08' from my 06' ?


Not a whole lot. They changed the frame slightly to make them handle better. The cams, CDI, and exhaust were changed to make the bike have a smoother power delivery. If you like the power of the 06 better it is easy to just get an 06 CDI and cams off of ebay and put them on.

You will definitely want to replace the stock exhaust if that has not already been done. The 2008 had the mechanical baffle that affected performance.

2008 was the first year I felt the handling and I came to an agreement. It turned so much better than my previous years all things being equal. I could ride the 08 like a big bore 250F whereas other years had me riding on top of it like the 450 it is. Both years good bikes though.

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