Any Other Woods Riders Want to Comment?

Hey Ya'll,

Does anyone else ride woods and are happy with the BRP? I own a uncorked XR650R and the dense woods where I ride were hit by an ice-storm a few years back. Because the people riding the trials decreased and was mainly used by hunters on large 4wd 4-wheelers the trails have become extremely slow and twisty, constantly turning to go around fallen trees. I'm sure many of you have ridden trials made by 4-wheelers because they are either going slow so quick turns w/in trees isn't an issue or they are quick and fast enough to just break the rear-end loose and spin to the new direction.

Well I jumped from an XR200 to this Pig and I love it so much better. The weight is great in loose gravel, mud, cross ruts, etc.. because the weight makes the front end much more stable! You don't notice the weight while you are on it. The power I couldn't imagine anything better. I did notice hesitation on quick throttle burst but that cleared up on playing with better Main jets. It'll pull the front up in 3rd gear to make the unexpected rut, log, rock easier to cope with (just don't get carried away!). In the twisty tight trails I don't normally get out of 1st and 2nd gear in these sections AND I have never had it over heat! I'm not saying that I like these twisty trails they are actually just trails we ride to get to our new better woods trails through creek beds, with massive hill climbs, jumps and such but still tight and twisty with a motorcycle's style not made by 4-wheelers! It is looking up though, since more and more of us motorcycles are riding we are beginning to straighten the old ones. Anyway I am a scrauny 160-165lb 5'11" with no upper body strength and I am not in shape. I can throw that XR650R around and ride the old trails just as fast as the other motorcycles but get beat by our two Banshee's. When we get to the new stuff I have the advantage over everyone powerwise and can handle just as good as the WR426 and DRZ400E that rides with us.

To clear one more thing up, I'm not saying that I outrun the WR426 or the DRZ400 on the tight trails because the tightness of the trails keeps us all at about equal speeds but they certainly are not outrunning or outmanuvering me!

When we run into new people on the trail they are always surprised that I ride the Pig. They, like most of you, think that heavy and woods don't work together but I've ridden those other two bikes (WR426, DRZ400E) and I would take mine over theirs anyday. I feel comfortable, stable, and most importantly in control on the XR650R! Don't get me wrong they are fun and would take either one if they were given to me but if I have to spend my hard earned dollars I'd get another XR650R.

Lastly the fatigue factor. I haven't ridden either of the other bikes all day or long enough so I can't compare correctly because I may have been tense from not wanting to mess up a buddies bike, or just not use to it so I can't judge that. For me I could ride all day and be ready to go again.

All in All don't rule the pig out for woods! Sometimes you need the reliability and stability, the power is just an added bonus!

Any other Woods riders want to comment?

"BBB" and I road the CCC Tomahawk trail ride two weeks ago, 131 miles of the most complicated trails in Michigan. I had a great time, the conditions couldn't have been better, and Kicked Butt. Along for the ride was a gifted local rider on a KTM 400 and he had no advantages over the BRP.

In the Smokies the first week in June running the Dragon in Deals Gap, "Betty" was big dog BIG TIME.

Not everybody can afford a separate bike for all occasions and I get a great deal of satisfaction in the expressions of :D riders I'm passing in the woods.

The secret is set up -

It's the same whatever you ride; these bikes need to be set up to perform their best. It amazes me how few riders take the time and invest in chassis set up. Spend the money on a loud pipe instead!

The bottom line is that if a rider takes the time to set it up for his needs he will be impressed how well this bike works in many conditions.

Perhaps we should discuss how we prefer our women?? :)

It takes a real man to ride a big bike in the woods. The BRP can do it if you have the will. I rode an XR600 every where, desert, hills, woods you name it. Now I have a 650 and love the bike.

I enjoy riding my BRP in the woods. Living on the west side of washington state the only type or riding is tight forest trails. The fall and winter make for some very fun nasty trail riding.

The bike can get heavy but I believe every bike can get heavy. The greatest thing about this bike is that you have the power to get through anything when you need it.

Furthermore, riding the trails make you appreciate the bike that much more when you do get out into the open.

I am very happy with my bike.

I belive the XR-650 is a fantastic woods bike. It has tractor power, and can be lugged down with little complaint from the motor. The only time is when the feet come off the pegs in the slick stuff and you need to lift or pull the bike, it becomes a man's bike at that time. Keep the bike moving and it cuts a good line using it's amazing motor to get out of situations other bike will stall or wheel spin.

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