Timing a wr426 from wr timing to yz timing inc picture, to help others.

I have done a engine rebuild to my wr 426 and have noticed there are several forums asking how to time a wr to yz timing... I have put a couple pictures up to help the few that need it... hope this helps you fellow riders good luck. :excuseme:


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I received a private message asking What the wr timing is... If you look back at the cams the exhaust cam (left cam) this cam wants to turn anti clockwise 1 tooth so the 'E' punch mark is level with the head instead of the 'I' punch mark. (IMPORTANT DO NOT LOOSEN THE CAMS UNTILL YOU HAVE SLAKEN OFF THE CHAIN TENTIONER)

Wr timing is 13 pins between cam marks and yz timing is 12 pins between cam marks. make sure your flywheels 'l' in the 'Hl' lines up with the timing marks as shown in my first thread above. to check if the cams sit correct either make sure the chain tensioner is removed so you can put your finger in the hole to put tension on the chain slide arm or if you chose to keep the chain tensioner on.... make sure the cams are held down and loosen the tensioner so its taught to see were the cams sit.

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