So now I've messed with my fuel screw

So, having no idea what I was doing but willing to learn I tried playing with the screw with a sawed-off screwdriver (I've learned not to do that again, zip-ty is now ordered). So the screwdriver slipped, missed the slot and every other thing that can mess up your turn-count, and now I'm at a best-guess setting.

Until now I had never had to use the hot-start to get it going after a stall/crash and now I do - would this mean that I'm closer to the mark? Was I a little lean before?

The bad news is that now even a small quick blip of the throttle will kill the engine with it in neutral. It's not affecting my riding, but maybe I'm still not that agressive from a standstill. I'll be able to experiment properly when the screw comes, but given these 2 symptoms (now needing the hot-start to start hot, but dying on a blip) I can't really decide if I've improved anything ...any opinion would help me begin to understand carburetors - I don't want to be scared to touch these things.

Turn the screw out 1/4 turn at a time until you can snap the throttle without stalling. You have other issues concerning the hot start useage, possibly the need for a leaner pilot. JD's jetting kit may be the ticket..Good luck

I'm no expert, but I had a simple way of setting my fuel screw that seemed to work well..(b4 I got a zip-ty) start and warm up the bike thoroughly, then turn the tick over up so its high but not quite racing. now start to turn the fuel screw in 1 direction till the revs drop, then turn it back the other way till the revs go back up and then finally start to drop again, your sweet spot is just in the middle of when the revs dropped, set your screw there for now till u get your zip-ty, return your tickover to normal. It's much easier to get a feel for it with the zip-ty.. hope that helps.. :) btw, i think i read that in the manual, or maybe even an earlier post round here..

when you get your fuel screw it will have good instructions.

Thanks guys, looks like the screw will be in next week so I'll cross my fingers this weekend and try these next week. Y'all rock.

oRGie's instructions are right on the money.

Okay, I got one more ride in before putting the Zip-ty in. It ran okay (no worse than ever), I stop it, and lo-and-behold it won't start again! So I'm staring at my engine waiting for inspiration, drooling a little, and then I see the light! - an amber sun-reflected light! Why, it's reflecting off my fallen fuel screw sitting there on top of my transmission! I scream, lunge, grab it, and sure enough, the spring, washer, and o-ring are there too! So I guess we know who was storing the horseshoe and where :-\

Well now I count my blessings and install the Zipty - It was raining this weekend, and I set it according to oRGie's recommendation - all I can say is wow! It's not a massive burst of power or anything, but it just feels right. It wants to do things that would have been a bit of work before, but now they just happens effortlessly.

Finally, it ends up that my magic number is 2-1/2 turns out, so if I understand correctly I should be looking at a bigger PJ, right?

I'm also 98% sure I'm going to try JD's Jetting Kit before the end of the season, am I right that it is strictly needles and MJs (and a heap of knowlege and wisdom)?. Will I be duplicating anything in the JD by buying a PJ or two before I buy the kit? Thanks!

The bad news is that now even a small quick blip of the throttle will kill the engine with it in neutral.

I'm continually confused as to why anybody cares how the bike runs in neutral.

I'll never understand it. :)

I thought I'd include every difference I observed. I was asking for help and I'd rather not leave anything out that might be a clue. Whether it dies blipping in neutral has pretty much nothing to do with my riding, but thought it might have had a lot to do with what I adjusted and might have been an indication whether or not I had done something dumb. Sorry I confused you.

I thought I'd include every difference I observed.

I'm just being a smartass. :)

That was a very descriptive and informative post, I did not mean for my response to be critical in particular.


Hick, I have had the pleasure of reading several of your recent posts. I just have to compliment you.

You, by far, are the most politically correct guy on here! I get a kick out of your well thought out/written posts.

I believe you and know that you did not mean to be critical. Also, can attest to your skills (I have them too) of being a smartass. Rockon Hick :):D


You, by far, are the most politically correct guy on here!

Take that back before I flame you out of existence.


The March addition of Motocross Action has a very detailed look at the Fuel Screw and how to adjust it. It's worth getting. Just go to their website and you can order old copies.

If your bike runs right at 2-1/2 turns out on the fuel screw, then leave the PJ alone. You should be able to go to 3 (-1/4?) turns out on a fuel screw before going to the next bigger PJ.

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