Installing a Key Switch

I am trying to install a kill switch on a 00 WR400F

I have also a DC circuit charging the battery to power my lights and turn signals, and the AC stock system powering the bike (CDI, spark plug)

Here's the issue:

There are four wires coming from the key switch, I will like to connect two of them to the DC circuit main switch, and I am not sure where I should tap the main to cut the engine.

Also, will installing the kill switch have issue with the AC/DC system, causing the battery not to charge?

Please kindly advise.

Ok well here's the deal ..... I don't really know why the key switch has 4 wires but when I installed mines two wires would connect when the key is switched to on and the other two would connect when the key switched to off..... So there is basically two switches in the key switch and you can only choose to have one of them on at a time....

On the stock push button switch(which I'm assuming your replacing) on the bike there is 4 wires but they are for different things.... 2 wires would be the on/off switch and the other two would be for a led light to indicate the switch was on.... I ended up just using two wires to hook up my key ignition switch and left the other wires alone...

Hope this helps

You'll need a dmm tp check which wires which

a56kuser, thanks for the clarification. I hope my key switch works like yours. I do not have the stock push button switch as you mention, but only the momentary switch which has a black/white wire and Ground wire.

I also realized my CDI is different from the ones from USA and it did not come with a kill circuit out from the box, but only with the grey and black/white wire. I did found from another diagram that the black/white wire, when connected with Ground will cut off the ignition.

If my key switch works like yours, when On, 2 wires Closed-2 wires Open, I believe that is the Open wire will route to the ignition while the other 2 will route to my DC circuit.

I will proceed as advice to test out the key switch, I just hope by connecting both together, the DC circuit will not be affected to charge the battery. :smirk:

would you have a wiring diagram for the battery mod??

thanks for that i will give it a go.

Yes, that website will help you. Here is a more specific link

If you want to add the key to that diagram connect it so the part of the switch that turns ON with the key ON disconnects all the lights and stuff from the battery, but the charging system stays connected to the battery all the time. The diodes in the rectifier prevent the battery draining and it won't create such a surge on the regulator when you turn off the key.

For the engine kill connect the part of the switch that turns ON with the key in the OFF position to ground and the black/white wire that goes to the kill switch.

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