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Tomberlin XS90

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It's a 2006, bought it a few days ago for $275. It looks new and owner said the front brake broke just after he bought it, he couldn't get a replacement and it sat for a few years. The engine is made by Howhit according to the name on the case cover. It ran at 1/2 throttle and above, would not idle. Also, the carb would fill up and run over when parked with gas on. So, I cleaned the carb(16mm Mikuni ), pilot was clogged and it idles and runs ok now. Still overflows when parked with gas on, float and needle valve looked fine. I see carbs for these bikes are cheap and 16mm seems small. What would be a good size for an upgrade? Plenty of 18mm, 19mm and 20mm carbs out there. I also ordered a new front brake kit master/steel line/caliper/pads for $40, so that issue is resolved. Decent little bike for the price, Japanese versions were $800-$1000. Time will tell if it's reliable.

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