I need a set of barkbusters for my bike, gettin tired of my hands being whacked by trees that the stock handguards dont deflect. Who makes the strongest ones? Which fit best? im kind of lost because i have never put them on any bike i have owned, why im not sure. HELP!! thanks in advance, JR.

Handguards are worth their weight in gold. You can even straighten trails out if you don't mind bouncing 'em off a couple trees on the way through. They all work, the fit just depends on your bars. I've got Answers (the orig. "BarkBuster") on the 650 and they bolt right on. I got Meiers for the old 500 and had to bend them a little to get a good fit, no biggie.

I use the std. rubber mounts in the bar ends. I'd rather have the guard move/give a little than bend the bars. I risk a lever/perch but I don't carry an extra set of bars in the woods.

Good luck,

ya i already have a custom "dirt smasher" bend set of renthals with the right tweaked ever so slightly more than the left :). they are the standard 7/8, not fatbars. I need a handguard that can take a pounding from sub 2" trees regularly with the odd rocky landing for good measure. I seem to have the inate ability to pick the worst line through everything so generally anything attatched to my bike and myself take a little pounding. In case you didnt know, the BRP makes a good replacement for a cat when it comes to plowing down the odd willow bush :D, ow.

Acebis Rally Pro handguards are quite nice as well as Tusk D flex. Both of these have a beefy chunk of aluminum running through them that is stronger than the bones in your fingers. Try Rocky Mountain or Baja Designs. :)

I got a set of Acerbis Rally Pro's for $62 through Chaparral Motorsports, those things usually run 70-80 bucks.

im from the land of crap money so anyone know of a place i can get them in Canada? i usually pay 2x even thought the dollar is way better than that. sounds like the prorallys are the way to go, i had a look at them and they look like they will go well on my BRP, just need a winch now...... LOL.

Chaparral Motorsports ships worldwide and list the Rally Pros at $62.99. Go to and make your way through their selections(dirtbikes-control-handguards-acerbis-rally pro).

Here are some of their Q and A's:

Q: Do you ship outside the U.S.?

A: Chaparral ships worldwide. Please complete your order as an International shopper and we will quote USPS and UPS International rates. Be sure to provide an E-mail address. International customers may pay via Western Union® International QuickCollect® or simply mail in payment by cashiers check or money order in U.S. funds.

ya, my problem is that free trade doesnt seem to apply to individual orders and i get nailed by duty and freight charges usually for about 30%. but if i find a dealer here, free trade applies, no duty. oh i love the government, bend down your citizens for a nice little &*^% so u can buy a new cadillac.

I too have the Acerbis Pro Rally Guards, but without the metal band built in. You can't believe how many levers I would have gone thru without them. One of the best investments I've purchased.

Don't skimp on protection!

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