Question: are the shocks from a 03 yz250f and yz450f interchangeable?

I have an 03 yz250f that is set up for supermoto, lowered suspension etc. I'd like to swap the forks/shock out to a yz450f to keep the same suspension but have more power. Anyone know if the forks and shock are interchangeable? I've checked the yamaha website and only one fork leg has the same part number, all else is different including the bottom triple number. But I think it's because the 450 has different valvling and spring rates.

thanks in advance all wise ones :ride:

The 250F stem is 12mm shorter, so you'll need to go to an aftermarket provider like Applied Racing and buy a 450 stem, or use the forks in 450 clamps. The fork itself is shorter also, but as your are lowered, I don't know how that will affect you. The shock should interchange, but front and rear spring rates may be too soft, since the 250F is quite a bit lighter.

Hey Grayracer513,

That's exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you!

I'll probably run the fork tubes in the 450 clamps and hopefully I can adjust the clickers on the rear shock to compensate for the extra weight.

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