yoshimura exhaust pipe Q

I have a 01 yz426 and im thinking of purchasing the TRS tri-oval comp full system or the RS-3 comp full system. I have a FMF Q right now and im wanting more power so I think a better pipe will work im looking for more bottom to mid power so you people with these to pipes could you tell me what you think of the power gaines durability etc. on these pipes



The power gain is through out the RPM range with the RS-3 Comp Slip-on but you will not pass at 96db even with the smallest TEC insert. The Yosh's are just too loud for CA, unless you race closed course comp... My last test was 98db with the smallest, 102db with the medium and 106db open. The Tri-Oval is even louder.

Save your cash wait for the WB E2. If you want a pipe now, the White Bros. E series S-Bend will pass with 4 to 5 discs and does not require a quiet insert, but that's choken it down a bit.

thanks man i was thinking of the wite bros. but i wanted a power inprovement too and of what i heard its comparable to stock i guess i will keep on looking thanks for the post :)

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