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03 WR450 - Fork

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Hello to everyone.

I'm a new owner of a used 03 WR450. I own the bike since april of this year.

The bike is fine except for the front fork.

The problem is that the fork feels harsh, unsafe (especially going downhills) - I can not attack rocky sections with confidence - I know that at some point I will either loose grip (sideways), direction or in the best case just recive a jolt up my hands.

I also ride MTB and I know that the suspension can be much better.

If I'm on the mountain bike going downhill I feel safe, on the WR I'm always a little scared. Uphills is less of a problem - you can usualy stop quickly if something goes wrong.

Here is some data:

1 - from the dirt on the fork legs I can see that I'm not using full fork travel-I still have 4-5" of travel before the fork would bottom

2 - I'm using Motul 5wt oil, oil heigth 140 mm

3 - clickers: rebound max -8, comp max -13

4 - spring = stock = 0.42

5 - my weight 165lb

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

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