KTM Corp: Buncha Bully's!

:D Wow, Go to the KTM Forum and get on the "KTM Drops Dealer" Thread! :) I don't know how to link it up here. Seems like Corporate KTM are a bunch of Greed Head Nazi's. I thought something was weird when they fired Dave Pingree after his "I Love Euros" article in RacerX. This could get interesting!...Let's hear it for the underdog and Long Live Cycle Hut! :D :D

That would be the one! :)

Cool forum - wish we had it that good

Not sure bullies is the best descriptive term for ......

I read that forum too. What a bunch of idiots at KTM. Do they, or don't they, want to sell their bikes and parts or not??

This is yet another reason that I DO NOT ride a KTM. The main reason I don't ride them is Price and Parts availability, not to mention so-so reliability. And for them to attack a company who provides the much needed parts for bikes which obviously break down all the time, well that's just bad business.


Bottom line KTM is trade marked

Like it or not it is protected and by law they have a right

It sucks but its a law

Trade marked, shrade marked. You can do good business or bad business. KTM had every opportunity to buy that site and PASSED! Now they come back and low ball a small business family that had way more forsite and was promoting and ENHANCING KTM's product. Instead of negotiating and working out a fair solution (which is good business, by the way) they totally HOSE the very people that were selling their product! To quote Artie Johnson from Laugh In..."Verrry Interesting...But Schtupid!" I really want to see how this plays out. If this is how KTM Corp. views the American market, it's dealers and it's riders then keep their bikes home and suck on their Euro Dollars. IDIOTS! :)

like me said

It sucks but its a law

Keep checking the KTM site! There are a lot off pissed of KTM riders.

You are right, There are a bunch of people upset about this. These people are friends of mine, I have known them since they got the dealership up and running and they have always treated me right. If everyone could please send a nice email, AND I MEAN "NICE" to KTM, it will hopefully help KTM to see the error of their ways. The email addresses are on the www.cyclehutt.com web site. I don't own a KTM, but I still buy aftermarket parts and gear from these guys. I hope you will pass this on to your friends also, so we can make a strong statement to KTM.

Thanks guys.

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