Dr. D Radiator Lowering Kit w/Guards???

Hey, Fellas!!

First of all, I'll apologize for not doing as thorough of a "SEARCH" as I'd like to..... I'm at work, where computer time isn't exactly "abundant", and I really won't have much time at home on the computer to do much researching there, either. So if this has been asked before, I apologize..... :cheers:

I just bought member Steve97060's 2006 YZ450F. It's a really nice bike. He's put some thoughtful mods into this bike, like an hour meter, a Zip-Ty Racing carb mod (not sure what's involved there.... :smirk: ), a Dr. D exhuast, and a Dr. D Radiator Lowering Kit. :ride: All really good stuff......

I'd like to put a set of radiator guards on the bike; I've always felt they were good insurance. Does anyone know if the radiator guards from, say, Devol Racing, Moose Racing, or Unabiker will fit w/o any interference probs when using the Dr. D radiator lowering kit? Just from looking at my new bike's radiators & shrouds, I'd guess there should be no problems, but it would sure be nice to know ahead of time before ordering......

Thanks for any suggestions, advice, or help y'all may have! :smirk:


The lowering kit would not work with my Moose guards.

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