2001 WR 426

A friend is buying a 2001 WR 426. Is there anything special about how to start it while cold/hot? Can an electric start be added? Any recomended mods or extra's?

Thanks y'all.


03 KTM 450 EXC

Answers: 1.)Yes, 2.)No, and 3.)$3,000 to trade up to an electric start WR450.

You can use the search engine to obtain details....

Make sure it is jetted properly ( not too lean)

start cold: pull the choke, put to tdc with the kick starter, pull the decomp, push the kick start few cm further, bring it back up, release the decomp, shoot the throttle twice and kick firmly.

Hot: idem with the hot start on, no choke, no throttle. If it doesn't start at first kick all the time: there is a problem.

By the way, if you don't know what temp the motor is : start lean and go with more gaz to prevent the carb to flood: try the hot procedure (one kick or two) then, if it does not work, try to close the hot start, then if it doesn't work, try with the choke... It will help you not to flood the carb

When the motor is flooded, put the gaz key off, pull the hot start, pull the decomp and kick easily about 15 times then start the routine. It takes few days to be used to it but I never had problems.

I almost never have to kick this bike twice to start: It works always on first kick...

These bikes start so good that many guys think the e start is not necessary and I am one of them.

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