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Happy Trails - Davenport, FL

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Anyone ride here recently? Looks fun from the map, but it's about an hour and half hike for me, would hate to drive out there and get hassled or have to go home. Ride at 5A all the time, and always looking for new places to ride. If anyone rides there regularly and wants to give us the tour, hit me up! Thanks for any feedback...

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Ed, got the email. When are we heading over there? Got another rider up and going, Ryan, Raptor 700R so let's do it!

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I've been going back and forth with the guy that posted the map (ekitchen6)... Sounds like a cool cat but his YFZ is down at the moment. I have a couple family issues going on this week I'll txt you about them... But other than that I'm ready!!! place looks killer on Google map.

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First, why is it that when I search using "Happy Trails", this thread does not come up?

I went in search of Happy Trails this morning. I could not find anything.

I exited I-4 at Champions Gate. Headed West, turned right (North) on Masters Blvd. Drove to "the road", turned left (West) onto Tri County Road. I passed the golf course maintenance building that is described on the "Where to Ride" thread. Took that road all the way to US 27 and headed North. I turned right (East) on Florence Villa Road, took that until it turned into a dirt road. Went a mile down the dirt road, and turned around.

I also explored off US 27, turning by the new CVS at Sand Mine Rd, went until it became a dirt road, followed it until the road was so soft, I was afraid my Expedition (4x2) was going to get stuck. I also went down Student Dr, drove on Tank Rd until it ends (even though Google Maps says it still goes), came back to 27 on Barry Rd.

I saw a few tracks where people had ridden before, but also saw lots of No Trespassing signs. Did not see anyone riding, or any vehicles that took bikes there. I drove around between 8-10am today (Sunday).

Can any one be a bit more specific with where to ride there, or if anyone knows if it is essentially closed?

Headed up 27 and out 50, and had a nice day at Croom instead. The A trail has been razed, and there is almost no whoops left. Dirt is all plowed up, so it is soft, even with the rain we've had. Not sugar sand, just soft dirt (if that makes any sense).

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Thanks for your update. I haven't had the chance to ride out there yet, and from the sounds of it I'm glad I didn't. Did you try to find it from Google Earth maps or just the directions from the Where to Ride? Anyone who rides there should chime in!

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