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many thanks.....

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Just wanted to hop on and give a big thanks to DaveJ (smartperfomance) and Grayracer for taking care of the suspension redo on my wr450..

First intial ride on it as it came back to me it was very good... the only problems i had i feel were caused by me...

1... rtfi (read the F inst as my mom says)... did the bike balance everything felt good... no issues at all... friday night 8pm ... loaded it up to go ride...

saturday am running late... everyone waiting on me.....yada yada...

never checked tire pressure.... took off, one of the guys riding with me asked me how i liked the new susp... then we looked at the tires... might have had 5 psi..... i always carry a pump, so i rode back to the truck and aired them up...much better...

2. i have found it is hard to set sag by yourself.... or with the help of a wife or a 12 yr old daughter... I mse the spring before i took it off, but am pretty sure i ended up with more pre load on the spring...I could barely touch.. I am pretty short so that is not new to me, but it was definitly taller than before.. I have reset and re mse the spring and it feels right again..

It may take a small tweek or two, but right out of the box it is alot more stable at speed.. we ride alot of different terrain, from pretty fast sand whoops, to flat hard packed clay trails, to 1st gear rocks, and i feel it is better in all categories.. One area I was really surprised that it was alot better was on long down hills (those always give me trouble) esp those that are sandy...

I also don't have any blisters on my hands this morning...

It was probably not the best ride to "try" out a new suspension set up.. the guy i rode with is one of "those" guys... very fast, very technical, been riding since he was 5...but it performed very well...we go places most guys have never seen...

very happy guys....

thanks again



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Dave has done great work for me in the past. I had an 01 yz250 done by Dave J that was so plush that I completely stopped worrying about slamming into things at speed.

Unfortunately I killed that bike and got a newer one with different forks. Its nowhere near as good as what I had on the 9 year old bike.

I sold the old forks to a friend who put them on his bike and I'm jealous everytime I go riding with him. At least they are in good hands.

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I have a couple rides on my SPI modded shock and forks. I bought Daves Phase 4 and shock kit, did it myself. My 06 WR is like a new bike. I can do stuff easily I could barely handle before. No more seat smacking my a**! Arm pump seems to have disappeared. I can jump without fear. Trail trash is sucked up without effort. Traction is up, effort is down. :):thumbsup: to Dave and SPI! My 450 has been transformed from barge to ballerina albeit a BIG one with a chunky dude aboard.

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