Electric start motor going backwards??

I'm going a little crazy. It all started when the electric start button would only produce a "click' at the starter relay. I figured the relay was good since I could hear the click and then checked the continuity of the wires to the motor. Wires good. I had read some posts about the brushes possibly being worn or it having bad windings, so I ordered some new brushes and installed them. I hooked the motor directly to a battery and it would run fine so i thought the problem was fixed right? No. Still just a click at the relay so I replaced the relay and now the motor will run when the starter is pressed. So I put it all back together and go to start it and... the motor runs, the gears spin, but it just free wheels?? Yes, all the gears are meshing but it seems like the motor is spinning in the wrong direction. So here is the question: If you take off the starter clutch cover and hit the start button which way does that starter clutch assembly rotate? Mine rotates clockwise which is then just free wheeling the starter clutch assembly. If I use the kick start, you can see the assembly rotating the other direction and engaging the engine. Ive checked the wires to the motor and yes positive goes to positive and so on. WHATS HAPPENING??

Sorry, wr450 2007.

You assembeled it wrong. Rotate the yoke 180 degrees.

Yep. By yoke he means the center section with the magnets. The magnet orientation is important. I always mark the housing pieces before I take the motor apart so it gets put back together the same way.

You men are godsend. Thank you both.

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