Need help with fork and shock spring rates YZ426F

Hello everyone,

I have a 2002 YZ426F and I know the stock spring rates for the forks and shock are .46KG/MM and 5.4KG/MM respectively.

I weigh 215-220 pounds without riding gear and need to get some stiffer springs front and back.

Right now on the rear, i have to crank the pre-load a lot to get my correct race sag. The problem is that i then have zero static sag, the shock is topped right out.

Does anyone know what spring rates i need to get to work with my weight? (Is going to a .48KG/MM in the front and 5.6KG/MM in the rear enough of an increase?)



I am 275 without equipment(yes I know, just like a tiny dancer) and I just went to a 6kg spring from race tech on the back, and I love it. My bike actually steers now, I take almost all the compression out of it for the woods and it seems to be just great. Now, if I could just stop stalling the old beast.......Hope this helps...

PS. Just to show how ludicrous our prices are up here in Canuckland, the yami dealer wanted 280 bucks for a 5.6 kg spring...My racetech cost 120....Geez...


I just ordered new springs front & back from DSP today, $170 US shipped. Anyway I'm 215 without gear and they suggested a .50 fork spring(s) and a 5.9 kg rear spring.

Race Tech's calculator was the same on the fork springs, but way off according the the tech I spoke with at DSP as RT suggested a 5.6 kg spring.

:thumbsup: - my 4 year old wanted to paste that one.

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