2009 WR450 and YZ450 seat - interchangeable?

Hi guys -

The title says it all really! - does anyone know if a 2009 model YZF450 seat will fit on a WR450F and vice versa?

I presume the 250 seat is also the same [as the 450], and if so, that they are interchangeable too?

The reason I ask is a need a new seat base to recover, and have only seen YZF ones available...

Many thanks,

J xx

I've read here on TT that the yzf seat needs to be cut underneath to clear the wr's battery but besides that it'll fit. I haven't tried it myself so I can't be certain.

Ah yes, or course - the battery...

Thanks for the heads-up Dan...

If anyone has any more info, pictures, please let me know... you see I have a pretty much brand new WR seat and I really don't want to rip it apart and reshape/recover it if I can find a suitable alternative...

J xx

They are not interchangable. The WR seat has a couple of tabs on the bottom that slide into slots on the frame. The YZ seat does not. It has one tab that slides into the middle slot of a YZ.

Didn't explain it very well, sorry.

Don't worry, that is a perfect explanation - and has saved me a [relatively] expensive mistake...

Thanks guys!

J xx

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