hot start kit

anyone know who makes the handle bar mounted hot start kits?

you can move yours for under $10. look for a post yz400 hotstart to bars. i also have a couple of pictures if you want.



99YZ400F (him)

00TTR125 (her)

the hot start kit you seek is made by Terrycable. For more info try or call them to order at

1-714-692-3404..Your welcome.

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i messed up on the link so type it in yourself

you can also check directly with terrycable.


sounds interesting, please cud post me the pics im at



there's a few of us in anglia done the mod. do any enduro?

just put a £2 rubber tube up to your right handlebar, bolt the red button between the grip & the brake cylinder, put a bit more tube on the exit & plonk a bit of sponge down the middle. now put a bit of cloth over the entrance & use the wire clip to keep it all there! easy

total cost is £2


thanks taffy

i'm gonna go and buy some tube tomorrow and get that done

im based in warwickshire and have just sent the application off for my first enduro. cant wait. 25 feb down in milton keynes.

thanks again for the tip

hey shawn could you send me a pic of what it looks like and how you did it! my email is:




I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

Shaun, I also want to take a look at it, so if you have a pic send it over.


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