lost all gears......

Well heres what happened,I was riding all day and everythings fine,Its a 07 yz 450f,We got into a real tight uphill trail with deep ruts, about half way up I smelled the clutch and it was acting wierd,then I tried to go again and then it seems to have lost all gears,We pushed it up the rest of the way and let it set for a while.It runs and starts fine but when you go to put it in gear it does nothing,seema all gears are nuetual.Clutch seems fine to the feel but no gears.

Any thoughts on what happened?

Would say the smell of burning clutch plates would be the first place to investigate! Sounds like you should go ahead and order em'.

Would a burnt clutch make the gears not work???

Yes. Slipping clutch. Sounds like what it is. Very easy fix. Does your bike lurch at all or try to creep forward just a bit? Have you tried to tighten your clutch cable?

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