Is it a WR or YZF??? please help.

Hi Guys im new to thumper talk.

Im going to see this bike i have bought from

( if you search this number on it should bring up the listing which has now finished 220579675403 )

My question is on further inspection of the photos im actually unsure if its a WR450 or a YZF with lights on etc...?

Is there any distinguishing features that would defiantly confirm that's its a WR and not a YZF???

The things i noted in the the pictures but am unsure about are.

  • Different head light
  • Bolts in rear mud gaurd for rear light/plate
  • Rear wheel size looks like a 19"
  • Most obvious YZF decal

any thoughts or input from you guys would be great, i dont want to end up buying a tarted up YZF disguised as a WR...



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