just scored an 06 anniversary YZ450F

Do you have a manual? The chain tension has to be measured with the bike on a stand. It's the only way it's repeatable.

that bike is gorgeous man. great find i love it!!!!

I thought I had the cleanest one around. It's clear ya got me beat.


Love this bike but I will put it up on the block once I see if I get along with that Berg thing in the background. Set your race sag before you ride it in the dirt. Mine was way off from the dealer and would kick my 185lb butt around until I got it right for me(110mm). If you don't mind, pm me what you paid for it so I have an idea for price when I sell mine.

Whoa, a 570 Berg? . . . that thing will most likely out-pull your "puny" little 450 in the desert sand.

I can say that because I have a YZ.:thumbsup:

Your YZ has a big tank, how are you gonna deal with the little Berg tank?

Love the yellow plastic on the YZ!

Yes it does remind me of the old Yammies, like the Roberts replica RZ350, and my old YZ smokers of years past.

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