Converting wr into dual sport

I just bought a 99 wr and i am going to make it into a dual sport, I was wondering what a good number of teeth on my sprockets would be for highway riding and trail riding would want a top speed of around 70, It also didnt come with a speedometer, I want to find a cheap speedometer any ideas of where to get one, Ive seen the computer ones but do they require a battery? any advice on type of good enduro tire? Thanks

On my 07 the stock 13/50 seems pretty good, but i don't know if your gear ratios are different. The bike isn't working too hard at 65. Search the forum for trail computers, and dual sport upgrades. There are a lot of these projects going on right now.

I just dual sported my 2002 WR426 here in Colorado. I have a 15 front and 50 in the rear and it works pretty good for off road and on road. I put on the Kenda dualsport tires and they grip good in the off road trails here in colorado and grip very good on the pavement too. jI have been looking for a speedo but no luck yet. I heard an older xt honda speedo might work.

dont go too low. you will hate it!

Start out with your stock gearing and see how you like it, then try changes from there. At 70, mine is pretty rapped out with stock gearing. Granted, it takes until around 90 to hit the rev limiter.

Thanks for the help, I am just going to try my sprockets out as his and just go from there,

I have a 98 Wr 400 and I am probably going to put a trail tech vapor speedo on mine. I know a few people who love them.

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