My new 03' YZ450

Here are a few pics of my new 03' YZ450 I just picked up last month for $1500 Are there any issues or anything I should know about the 03'?



Wow what a deal. The bike looks new , sweet exhaust too. But the frame color is odd.

yeah grab a can of PJ1 frame paint and you'll have a awesome machine

Well it didn't look like this when I picked it up. As far as the frame goes the person I purchased it from tried to touch up where your boots rub the frame with some kinda sea foam / teal paint I know it looks nasty. I am going to ride this season and see If I like it. If I do like it I am going to PC the frame cherry red metallic.

Watch for oil leaks at the front downtube and steering tube weld, or check for previous repairs.

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