450 bottom end blubber

I rode a 450 for the first time Thursday and loved it. It felt so much more nimble than mine. Anyhow, when I came out of a corner and hammered it it would blubber for a second. I was playing with that on the way to the parking lot and if I put it in a higher gear and pin it it would blubber... sometimes for seconds? What the heck?

Hoss :)

It just needs to be jetted. Mine did the same until I found the right combo.

All stock 450's have a stumble at the bottom that is the direct result of too much fuel being dumped in to the venturi by the accelerator pump. Under the plastic cover on the right side of the carb there is an adjuster that positions the cam that works the pump. A half turn clockwise will make your 450 a new bike.

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