YZ part versus trimmed regarding performance?

Greetings THUMPS!

Just wondering if someone with more expertise than myself could answer a question regarding the throttle stop for a 2001 WR426. The dealer that I purchased it from originally trimmed down the stop during set up but I found that it measured approximately 5mm less than the YZ part that I ended up purchasing from the dealer. I had heard stories of cracking my throttle housing or slide or something to that nature. I replaced the trimmed down stop with the YZ part but I could swear that I lost some snap and top end after the switch. Is it just a fluke or could there be something to it? Should I reinstall the original trimmed down stop or will it cause me grief or problems down the road due to being a little shorter than the YZ stop? Am I just crazy or what? Sorry for all the questions, thanks in advance for the answers!



Just check that the slide is going up all the way to where the bottom of the slide is flush with the top of the carb throat. You dont want to raise it above flush. Cut the bolt if necessary to get the slide in the right wide open position. :)

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