I'm Going for It!!! Tips/Comments Welcome!

Sam, I have kept up with your thread. It is very cool to do your on work. I am off today and planned to tear mine down and do linkage and steering head bearings. I have an 09 as well. I noticed you still have the original pipe. It is expensive but, that change made a huge difference. There's always something to spend more money on, lol......

I am curious, how did you like Forest Glen. I live just north of Tampa and was planning to check it out this Sunday.......

thanks :ride:

The only thing i see on your list is the fork springs. And...the only reason i say that is because you have to take them off the bike, then disassemble the forks. I would sugget watching the YouTube video that TUSK tools has on rebuilding the new Kayaba dual chambers. There is a part one and a part two. If you are only swapping the springs, pay only attention to part 1. I dont think this can be screwed up if you watch the video. Fork oil level is peritnent, but you arent necessarily losing any fluid here if you catch it all on the disassemble. Good luck and i'll watch the post and give my .2 cents where applicable.

Yeah, I finished these mods a few weeks ago. Forks were a breeze. I swapped out the springs and added new Amsoil Shock Therapy fluids. #5 in the inner chambers, and #10 in the outers (-20 cc's). The bike rides absolutely amazing given my size (6'4", 240 lbs without gear).

I rode last weekend at Forest Glen and had a blast. Prioir to changing out the springs, my suspension was riding way low in it's stroke, and the whoops, and even some of the small bumps were eating me up. Now I can pretty much blow through em like they're nothing! It's great...too bad the weather sux this weekend. Oh, and it's V-day on Sunday so I'll be riding...but not my bike!

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