Need a mid pipe

I have an 05 450 with a FMF factory 4 exuaust on it. The canister/muffler has apparently worn a cut through the mid pipe so it has a narrow slit most of the way around. It feels to light to be stainless so I think it is TI, but it is still really thin and would be tricky for someone to weld anyway. Can anyone set me up with a link to a place that I can get just midpipes, I would be happy with SS or TI. Or am I stuck with buying a full exhaust? Thanks much in advance.

Contact FMF.

Probably gonna have a problem finding one, FMF stopped making the factory 4 silencer 5 years ago.

Thats what I was afraid of, hopefully I can get some info from FMF tomorrow when I call them.

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