have a 04 yz450fs and i am new to riding in the desert,i am thinking of going to a 45 rear sprocket and an 11 ounce flywheel weight.Hopefully to smooth out the power,make the gears more useful, and give me some more top end.If anyone has done anything like this or has any knowledge about this particular bike or this type of setup that would be great. thanks :moon:

Yes on the flywheel weight. 8-12 ounces is good for them.

No on the 45. You probably have a 14/48 right now (stock). 15/48 would be the very nearly the same gear ratio as a 14/45, but would drag the swing arm a lot less. 45's are also special order parts most of the time. I ran a 15/49 on my '03. I probably could have used a 15/48, but low gear starts to get pretty tall for the tight stuff.

I think you can go even smaller on the rear sprocket. I had a 40 rear sprocket made for my cr250 2-stroke. I used it for desert races, and yes, pull away was like third gear starts. But the actual top speed was awesome and the bike was very competitive.

went and rode that beast today lol.it just rained last night hehe.im telling ya after im rolling i just put it in third gear with a 14/48 set up and its good to go but it tops out way to quick .definately gonna put some taller gears on it and see what it does,thanks for the input.:moon::cheers: oh where did you get your 15 front sprocket from?? and what is the better brand of flywheel weight to use?

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