air box snorkel *DELETED*

Post deleted by idaho 450

Remove the battery, then using 2 flat tip screwdrivers pry the battery side wall gently away from the insert. There is a tab in the center that holds the insert in place. I used a large pair of pliers to pull the insert out. It looks like a cheap pair of binoculars. A buddy to help makes it easy. Good Luck.

Is that all there is to it. If this is done and the grey wire is cut will I have to re-jet. I have only removed the baffle so far and it is only a matter of a liitle while before i do these mods.



It is easy to remove. I have a 48 pilot and 155 main and did the grey wire. When cold use 3 full twists of the throttle and hit the button with the choke on for an easy start. With this jetting I made it 61 miles on the main tank with the stock exhaust insert. At 30 miles the engine ran better and again an improvement at 60 miles. I now have added the GYT tip and performance is better with smoother low end and easier rev. Rain has stopped my riding for now. Neat bike!

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