sticking compression release?

Has anyone had the compression release stick open, eg the bike appears to have no compression when starting? Mine seems to do this if it dies at a very slow idle.

Yes i have, only a couple of times though. scared the heck out of mee the first time. dont know what causes this to happen though :)

Do the 450 cam change and get rid of the comp. release

You wont be dissapointed!!!

I have noticed that if you flood the bike the gas can wash out the rings, you have to kick it with the throttle full open with the hot start pulled a few times to get compression back.

Well, it sure scared the crap out of me. I was having problems setting the idle, the pipe was red hot, and the bike died and boiled over. When I tried to start it later, I figured it was a goner when the kick starter just kept going down.

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