you guys SURE you want a 10'??

thats rite and they changed the bike alot cuz in stock form it just dont want to go fast, and stewart could win on a husky or any pile of junk u put him on just cuz he won on it dont make it a good bike its not compared to the rest of the big 5

Josh Grant did well on the bike and although he is a great rider he isn't James Stewart. So the bike can't be that bad. Every other race team, honda, kawasaki, suzuki etc all modified their bikes with exhausts, motor work , works suspension, works linkages etc so to say the yamaha is a bad bike is ridiculous. Yes the bike is choked up with the stock exhaust.

Back on topic....Yes, I'm still sure I want a 2010. If it were anything other than a completely new bike I wouldn't be interested. I'm glad it's 100% new because I've been riding Hondas and I'm not completely sold on the direction they are currently headed in. The late release of the 2010 CRF450 is also a big turn off.

no your rite its not a horrible bike, its just not up to par with the rest im sure some guys like it because its got smooth power,and a great suspension, but as for josh grant"who isnt as fast as stewart but who is? hes a very talented rider compared to most", or stewart there bikes are far from what we will ever ride so of course there bikes will work well,im realy good freinds with a guy that was a tire changer over at joe gibbs for a yr. and he rides so hes in the moto shop all the time asking questions and seeing what they do to those bikes,trust me theres not much on them that hasent been changed, i geuss i just didnt understand why anyone would choose to ride a bike that you have to work harder on to go fast, but i geuss some guys are just loyal to the brand they grew up on.....hows that? better? i didnt type it like i was texting this time :excuseme:

I agree that the Gibbs bikes are heavily modified from chasis, to engine components, suspension etc. At the same time I think every other manufacture modifies their bikes just as much. Was the '09 the best bike out of the box? No. Was it competitive with an exhaust? Yes. The cost of the exhaust is the same as the suspension work the other bikes needed. Yamahas have been very durable. The '08 CRF450 is considered the best bike in '09 so progression isn't always a good thing with some manufactures. I'm getting a '10 because I believe that Yamaha does enough testing to get it right. It will handle better, the motor will be stronger and the suspension will be great as always. I don't blame the guys picking up the '09 for that cheap.

ya all the the manufactures heavily modify there bikes, but if you take all 5 bikes dead stock the 09yzf is the one bike you will have to modify the most out of them to make it work well, and ive seen all the other leftover 09 450s for sale cheap like that to, and for sure the yzfs are very solid in the durabilaty dept. there bullet proof compared to the hondas, or zuks! but even thou the suspension on them is 2nd 2 none if your racing hard its a must to revale them to suit your style of riding and spring them for most bigger riders weight, if your over 175 or under 160 and even after you change alot if you got that kinda $ it still wont turn as good as the others will if you put the same work into them

oh ya......if you know racing you know in the corners is where all races are won or lost its the most important part of a race and a track

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