foldable license plate bracket?

I hate those license plate brackets that hang down below the fender because they're ugly and basically they take that kick butt look out of the WR. The majority of my riding is done off-road with less than 1% on pavement. So, I thought some type of foldable design that when folded down would lay flat across the top of the rear fender. This would keep it from getting in the way of serious off-roading. When I wanted to ride the street, I could then just pop it up and use some sort of hooking mechanism to keep it upright until I fold it back down. I have looked at hinges and such, but I don't want it to look like I just rode it out of the Home Depot!

Is this wishful thinking on my part? Anyone make such a thing? You guys have any insights or imaginative ideas that might help me in the construction of such a plate holder? :)

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Ask a Harley guy...They have stuff like that I think.

I have mine bolted on with 2 bolts and lock nuts and a plastic elbow backing for the mount. I had similar ideas and everything I came up with got destroyed. I tried a hinged bracket that flipped up with a magnetic lock. It did not hold under the abuse of whoops. I tried strapping it down and the hinges started bending. I did not realize what a beating things mounted to the rear fender get. What ever you do keep it light and have a strap keep it from beating itself up. I finally gave up and went with a rigid mount. We have some trails in Kentucky that require plates to ride on to connect with a few sections of country paved roads. I use my old R1 plate to look somewhat official. It is quite a challenge. let us know if you come up with something. I have resolved to bolting and un bolting when needed. :)

Stock WR fender: I scanned my license plate on flatbed scanner and used packing tape because I am too cheap to laminate it. Double stick velcro holds it on which makes it easily detachable.

UFO/Acerbis Enduro Fender: Has smaller fender extension so I reduced the size down 75% and nobody knows the difference and it means I can eat one more Big Mac because my bike is 5 ounces lighter.

I checked my state license plate laws and basically all you have to do is display numbers (but I live in Montana where people are free and the women are sheep) I figure a cop has other things to do than go after this type of infraction. And how many hard core riders are using DOT tires, horn works, turn signals work any way?

The velcro also helps to be stealthy if you are in places that you are not supposed to be in and you can put a Thumpertalk stickie on the back of it when you race.

I just bought a bracket from I like it b/c it doesn't hang staight down. It lays at a good angle and doesn't take away from the bike's looks. Very well made. Cost was about $29.00. :)

Here's what I came up with regarding the license plate bracket. I had a friend cut out a "T" shape from a piece of aluminum. The dimensions fit the fender for width and length. I then bent it to form fit the molding of the underside of the fender. I used two small hitch pins to mount the plate to the bracket and can swap the plate from the bracket to the top of the fender in about a minute. I have yet to ride the bike off-road with this but I'm confident it will hold up. There is no slack in the setup...everything is rigid and solid. The nice thing about this is when the plate is mounted on top, you only see one inch of the bracket hanging down. The bike still maintains it's sleekness. Here's a few shots of it:

license plate bracket

Nice work,i would recomend other folks give your bracket a try(smart idea with the R-pins!)looks solid,and well up to the job,even when the back side of the plate gets covered in mud it will hold up real good,first class man. :)

My friend just placed the plate on top of the fender and bent it around the sides of the fender and bolted it on the sides. It has yet to get damaged in a crash. Only problem is, is that it aint too legal that way. I have a similar setup wraped around a ufo/ktm tailight. I think by the lay that the plate needs to be displayed flat and vertical. But I doubt that the cops will care if it is wraped around the sides of the fender.

Thanks. I rode with it yesterday through some of the deepest, whooped out crap I could find (three foot deep whoops) and the plate and bracket didn't budge. I think it's going to work out very well.

I just zip-tied my plate to a bungee cord which I then hooked about my fanny pack. Easily visible. *And*, I can just stick it in my fanny pack if I just don't want it displayed at all.

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