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1998 YZ400F woods weapon(pics)

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Started out as a stock 400F:ride:


2004 CRF250X front brake

2004 CRF250X overflow tank

2005 YZ450F body

2005 Cycra Front disk gaurd

2007 RMZ450 megabomb/Factory 4.1

Extra goodies:

WeaponMx tank foam

Renthal sprockets and chain

EBC brake pads

Works connections frame gaurds

Works connection rear caliper gaurd

Forks and shock redone for woods

Cycra barkbusters

Cycra skull number plate

Cycra poweflow front fender(08 style)

little carb work


Streamline steelbraided brake lines

coming by december:

Moose racing 18" rear rim

IMS tank

Yellow plastic

Wiesco hi-comp piston

Light speed front fork gaurds(05 style)

KLX450R headlight







What do yall think?

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I had to grind down the midpipe mount(if anybody else wants to use a RMZ midpipe dont cut the mount) where it bolted to the subframe, used a piece of steel that was 3 inches long so the muffler would mount( it wouldnt reach) and I had to grind down the headpipe bracket where it bolts into the cylinder so it would fit snug on there



And this is why you dont want to cut the mid pipe mount


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They dont make the Megabomb for the 400 and 426 bikes( which is stupid!)

I had the on the bike before it was a FMF powercore 4(no sparky) very loud, and bottom suffered alot middle no so bad, but up top is were the gains were excellent

With the new exhaust , a HELL of alot more bottom end, more middle, and a tad bit up top... I will never go back to a bike without the megabomb...

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I see my CRF in the one pic it looks lonely at your house lol

Nice i like to call it the "Yzwr850frx" haha

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