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Track & Trail Facility Wish List/Suggestions etc.

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I'm finishing up a grant proposal to try and put together a top notch Motocross Track & Trail Facility in South Carolina. The application deadline is on Friday (2 days from now) so I need to have everything completed by late tomorrow (Thursday).

I'm looking for last minute suggestions as to how I can make this the best place ever and things to avoid. I'm debating on whether or not to include trails running parallel to the motorcycle trails for Mountain bikers. I've heard that the MBikers can't share trails with the motorcycles. Is it a bad idea to include mountain bikers here?

Another thing is that part of the application asks for indication of support for the project. So if any of you guys ride South Carolina Trails or Tracks then if you have some spare time to type up a blurb saying how great this thing would be for the state and kids and families and individuals with disabilities etc, I sure could use some letters. If anyone bites, letterhead would be great but is certainly not required. If you e-mail me at ehmyers@ftc-i.net with a Microsoft Word attachment (or other word processing program) I'll be sure to include your input in the grant proposal.

My vision of this place is a Park with Camping, Full out Motocross practice track designed by Dirtwurx, Vet/80 track, Mini track Full toilet facilities and showers, etc. A true "Family" oriented place. Oh yeah and 15 miles to start, ultimately to 45 miles of trails. Sanctioned MX races, Hare Scrambles & Enduros.

I can't say for certain that I'll get funded for everything but I guess you kind of get the picture of what I'm talking about. If anyones aware of any government faciilities that somehow justify MX tracks funded with federal money, I'd be interested in how you think they justified it. Another thing is the liability of tracks and trails and solutions to overcoming extremely high costs.

All help and feedback appreciated.


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Here's a link to a off road park in my area. Much of what you are looking for these guys have already done. This may be a great source of ideas and advice, you may try to give them a call. Their web site has a lot of useful information also. Goood Luck!!!


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