Chain Lube

Rokatt Report/Inquirer:

OK, now I know that WE of the Pig Brethren could fart on our chains and they'd last a good long time. I've read other forums and threads about o-ring chains and just using WD-40. I want to let my Pig Bros. know about Belray "Super Clean" chain lube. It is just what it says it is. Goes on nice, doesn't fling off. Has that cool white lithium kind of look. Doesn't attract dirt. GREAT!

NOW...there is another type of Belray chain lube that must have been concocted in the bowls of Beelzebub! :D. When I ordered a can from Rocky Mtn. they sent me this other yellow gooey crap that could most likely attract astroids in from outer space must less that dirt that it turbo vacumes to the chain to begin the JB Weld bonding and goop process to totally spooge out your bike! I mean, my kids jersys all have the black fling dots like I used to get on MY jersys over 20 years ago! (You don't think I would use that crap on MY BRP do you! :D) Then when you are done riding and try to CLEAN your bike? HA! Better get your yellow radiation suit and get the STRONG solvent that they use to spray on Godzilla when he comes a-stompin' on Tokyo. If you see this stuff at your local dealer, just burn his shop down as he truly is the Spawn of Satan. :)

OK. To recap: Belray "Super Clean", Good.

Belray "Evil Gooey Glop", Bad

Rokatt Report, Over & Out

Too funny Rokatt! :) I hear ya on the gooey Godzilla crap. More like snot!! I just picked up a can of Motul dirt lube. Much like the Belray superclean. Dries fast and no asteroids. Hows the riding been? Got to run the Deathstar hard last weekend. Put about 50 miles on it, although there were some pretty slippery patches of snow and ice in the shady spots. :D Fun-Fun-Fun!!!


I think that I will stick to farting on my chain. Smells better then the goop and also cost less. One can of beans and we are set to ride!! :D:)

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