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125cc lifan engine help

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hey i have a 125cc lifan engine. im breaking in my engine. and how much gas should i put through it before i redline it. and how often do i change the oil. i changed it every 10 hours of riding on my old bike. should i do the same. and what dose it mean my blug has white stuff on it. dose that mean im running rich. and how do i clean the oil screen. and how often... dose any one have head breathers on their bike and how dose that work. thanks. :bonk: :bonk: :bonk:

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Step 1:

List bike for sale on craigslist

Step 2:

Purchase a Yamaha , Honda , Kawasaki , or Suzuki

Step 3:

Purcahse a shop manaul

Step 4:

Read Shop manual

Don't listen to this guy.

As for the redline question, run a full tank of gas through the bike. Start with a full warm up and half or less throttle for the first 15-20 minutes of riding. Then progressively give it more throttle in short bursts but back to half or less for cruising until the tank is empty/near empty. Lastly let it cool down, check all fluids and top off the tank. You should be good to go after that.

On the oil change subject, I would change it after 3 hours or less of ride time for the first oil change and then follow up every 10 hours. Just remember to check the oil level often.

The spark plug should have a chocolate brown color to the porcelain tip if the jetting is correct. If it is white then it is lean from incorrect jetting, an air leak, dirty carb or water in the gas. If the tip is black, sooty or wet with gas then it is rich from incorrect jetting, stuck floats or worn or damaged needle and seat.

The other questions may be better answered by someone with the same bike, so post this in the Chinese forum for better help with less haters.

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