pilot screw adjustment

how do you know when your pilot screw is adjusted correctly?i saw a post before about it but when i did a search i didn't find what i was looking for so i decided to post about it again. i have a 165 mj 48 pj 72 sj i didn't touch the needle. i am at 2 turns out right now. i blip the throttle and it revs high than goes down to a steady idle. does not drop to a bogging idle. so am i good ? seems to be ok to me but i figured a second or third oppinion would ease my conscience.

Between 1 and 3 turns is the normal range. You will have to change your pilot jet if you exceed this range. Somone posted a chart for fuel screw position and pilot jet relationship. If it works well at 2 turns I think you are OK. :)

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