PLEASE HELP ME & MY 2001 WR426!!

Greetings fellow THUMPS!

Ok, I just removed my throttle stop from my 2001 WR426 but what length do I need to cut it down to? Here is my other problem, I don't have any metric measuring tools at home, only english measures. Can someone please give me the correct measurement in 8ths, 16ths, 32nds or whatever. Is the length I'm looking for the entire throttle stop or just from the pink threads down to the end or what? Thank you soooooo much in advance, I can't wait to go riding tomorrow. I honestly tried to order the YZ426 throttle stop but all of the dealers here in Illinois said it won't be here until the end of May and I really don't want to wait that long.

Thanks again and happy trails to all of you!



Just saw a previous post that states that the 2001 YZ426 throttle stop overall length is approximately 23.04mm, anybody out there in thump land any good at math? Can you convert the metric measurement of 23mm to english? Thanks again in advance I think I'm getting close.



Fourstroker, 23 mm is approx. 15/16 inch. My math is bad so I just measured.

2.54 cm = 1"

>> 23.04mm/25.4mm = 1" >> .907"

0.907" X 32 = 29.04/32"

or you can order a YZF throttle stop if you are unsure.


You probably don’t want to hear this but another way is to remove the carb and custom fit your throttle stop so that the slide just clears the throat at wide open throttle.

After your throttle stop length has been determined and is reinstalled, the TPS resistance needs to be checked.

Good luck. :)

Thank you!

Happy riding!



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