Randomly easy to kick. tinging sound.

Hey Guys! Sorry to ask yet another question. I just recently got my bike back from the shop. They put hotcams a head gasket new cam tensioner and such into the bike. They told me that my plating was somewhat wearing out but i should be able to get the rest of the season out of it. I rode the bike for about 3 hours and took a break. When i tried to restart the bike it suddenly became extremely easy to kick over. Almost like i had the decompression lever held open while i was kicking. (i got hotcams so i have auto decompression but it was never this easy to kick) The bike would still start just fine when it was that easy and run good. I shut it down to take another break and it was once again somewhat hard to kick the bike over. I rode again for another hour and then i started to hear a bit of a tinging sound in the engine and immediately shut it down and pushed it to the truck.

Do i need a valve adjustment? what else can cause the random easy kicking and tinging sound? Thanks again guys! :busted:

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