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Need to title your vehicle? Ill tell you how.

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My posting is by all means a LEGAL way to go about obtaining a title for any vehicle, if you have no title, registration or certificate of origin. Each situation is different in each state, some states are very lenient regarding title application, but some states have absolutely no process in place if you have for example, purchased a motorcycle without a title or CO, and want to get it titled.

I have developed this informational packet based upon my personal experience where I purchased a Dual Sport from an individual who failed to deliver the title after receiving my funds. To make a long story short, I had to go through a lot of red tape to obtain a legal title, and in the process I discovered that many states have no measures in place whatsoever for people in my same situation. This applies to anything that may have to be registered with a DMV, DNR etc. Typically, many dirt bikes are sold without titles.

I found through months of research a legal way through the court system to obtain a legal title for any vehicle. With the rising popularity of Dual Sports and changing governance of state laws regarding different vehicles, many people may have the need for this. Hopefully I can help them by saving time and frustration. I encourage anyone to email me at titleit@onebox.com if you want the packet, its only $7.95 and comes with the process procedures and the forms you need to become legal. All I need is an email address so I can bill you. I welcome credit cards, checks and money orders via Paypal.com. I welcome any questions or suggestions you may have.

Eric Jurin


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