Poor Man's street legal kit..... WR426

That switch will work fine. As far as the tail lamp goes, if its stock and has the proper bulb (1157), it will also be fine.

The harness from the lamp has three connectors. Normally, two are used for the running lamp and the third is for the brake lamp. If I remember correctly, yellow, blue and black. Black is ground, yellow is running and balck is stop

If you splice one terminal on the switch to yellow and the other to blue everything should work fine, but the brake lamp will only work when the head lamp swith is on.

If you want the brake light to work when the head lamp is on you will have to splice into the head lamp circuit before the switch. I followed the swith harness back and found a convenient spot under the tank. This is really the best choice.

do you know where i can find turn signals and the mounts i need for them?what do they screw on to? electro sport has turn signals and this mount. do i need some other part for the signals to screw into or do they attach to the fenders and the head light some how?

Great thread.

My WR is already plated, but didn't have a high / low beam.

I picked up the H4 connector from Ebay for a few bucks, and a Tusk control switch for 30 bucks.


It also didn't have a horn, so I picked up a cheap horn from Rocky Mountain (8 bucks) and connected it to the switch. I just used the spot where the stock odometer was mounted for the horn.


Great write up!! Gives me some ideas. Thanks



I'm sure there have been threads regarding this in the past for this bike.... I also wouldn't be surprised if many of the things listed below would also apply to the WR250, WR400, and the WR450.
This is how I accomplished getting my bike street legal -



The gift that keeps on giving!!    Thanks for the write-up, I've been searching the internet for something exactly like this, and now I don't have to go purchase the full DS conversion kit.  

I'm picking up a 2000 WR400 tomorrow, and I'll be referring to your notes!

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