Whats a Suzuki Vinson worth?

So my uncle has a Suzuki Vinson 500 four wheeler he is thinking of selling. It's either a 2003 or a 2004. We aren't sure and while we have been riding it don't have the manual with us to check. He bought it new but it was a year older than what they had told him over the phone. He bought it new but it was a left over one from the year before. It's the limited edition one that is black with silver racks and the mag wheels. As far as add ons it has the winch that it came with when he bought it new and he has bought a snow plow for it. If he has ever used the snow plow at all it's only been a time or two. It's basically been used for trail riding and the winch has been used some to pull logs out of paths that we cut.

He's as particular as I am or maybe even more so when it comes to the up keep of them. So I know all oil changes and all service related things have been taken care of on time.

It basically just sits as he hardly ever uses it which is the reason for selling it. It's still on it's original front tires with plenty of tread left and the rear tires are on their second set. This set on the rear looks almost new. He said when he changed tires the rear brakes were worn out so he changed those also. The first set of tires I don't think was worn out completely just getting slick and had plugs in them.

As far as wrecks it's been rolled once that I know of at a very slow speed. It bent a rack and broke the plastic on the headlight. He replaced the headlight plastic and the rack is just about 1/2" higher on one side than the other now. It wasn't a major wreck or anything and was not as bad as many of the four wheelers as far as wrecks. This is a almost 40 year old man that's had it.

So knowing all that and knowing it comes with the winch and plow what all is it worth? I'm considering buying it. Not sure if I want it or not as I'm used to stuff way faster but this is just flat out practical. I normally wouldn't touch a used four wheeler unless it was something where I wanted that particular one but I don't mind used stuff from him as I know it's always taken care of and not been abused. If it was from someone I didn't know I wouldn't even think twice about it. I'd buy new for sure.

Also any opinions of these four wheelers? Are they reliable?

2004 Suzuki LT-F500F Vinson 500 4x4 Value Email August 5, 2009




Suggested Retail Value $3365 The Kelley Blue Book Suggested Retail Value is representative of dealers' asking prices and is the starting point for negotiation between a consumer and a dealer. This Suggested Retail Value assumes that the unit has been fully reconditioned and is in excellent condition. Mileage/condition and additional equipment may have a substantial impact on the value shown above. This value also takes into account the dealers' profit, costs for advertising, sales commissions and other costs of doing business. The final sale price will likely be less depending on the unit's actual condition, popularity, type of warranty offered and local market conditions.

put it on craigslist for 3,000. expect to get 2750.

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