Moab Vacation Question???

A group of us are planning a vacation to the Moab area. We are planning for early October. I was told that The weather should be pretty good there by October (not too hot).

A friend just told me a rumor that he heard that it is Elk Season there in October or something like that. In Michigan we cant ride during Deer rifle season. Is there anything like that around Moab in October that I need to be concerned about.

I dont want to drive out there from Michigan only to find that I cant ride because of some hunting season.

Nothing like that in Colorado. There is a web site you can ask that question. Sorry, can't remember what in the heck it is.

I don't think there are any hunting season regs like that there. Contact Dale at

He knows what there is to know about riding Moab. :)

In less you're planning on riding the high country (the La Sal mountains) east of shouldn't have any problems. Elk are generally found at higher elevations, especially during hunting season. I ride the high country of Colorado a lot during elk season....bow season starts early September which is prime riding season. The way I look at it.....if a hunter is on or near a trail that you are riding.....he has no chance in hell of shooting an elk. Generally the successful hunters are deep in the high country away from the trails, where the elk are.

My two cents.

Thanks guys. Thats kinda what I thought.

Actually, I got my first deer with a bow walking back to camp on one of those trails. A motorcycle came riding up, I stepped out of his way and a buck then stepped out behind the bike to watch it. There is something about chainsaws and four strokes that really gets them interested. Since then, even when not hunting, I watch for deer/elk coming out behind bikes/quads. Even when I ride, I'll stop and turn around and there is usually one there. :)

You got to go to to check out the complete liesure picture. I've been to Moab atleast a dozen times and learned more from that site then all my visits. Hey ROCKIEMAN . I live in Parker and have a WR450 with a Revloc I'm picking up from Vickery Motorsports tomorrow. Where do you go riding lately ? I'd like to know how life has been with your WR426 Revloc bike.

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