Rekluse z satrt pro clutch

Has anyone found a place to buy this clutch that won't require me to sell the truck I use to haul my bike? I have no problem spending money on the good stuff but I want the best deal possible. And has anyone heard anything about running oils other than rotella, such as royal purple, with this clutch? I love royal purple so if anyone knows anything I'd appreciate the help before I spend my money on it. Thanks.

I picked one up from e-bay (used) for $310 shipped. It came with all the original parts and the box. It took a little while to find it, but it was definitely worth the wait.

I love that thing, it really makes riding much more fun and easier for me. I have no dreams of becoming pro, I just like too jump and ride around with my over-the-hill friends.

I have been using Rotella (Dino style) this entire season with no complaints, or funny smells. I ride MX tracks only, and change the oil and filter after every 2nd ride. I would estimate that I realistically put about 2 hours of actual riding on it, per session. (I also put another 20 hours of really fast, on the rev limiter, bench racing on it every week. :worthy: I'm a legend in my own mind! )

i bought mine through Thumpertalk's store ----- best deal going for a new setup.

I wouldnt write the clutch off because you love Royal Purple in other things --- the clutch needs a heavy duty oil thats formulated to work in a gearbox, -- i think Royal Purple has a motorcycle specific oil for that, but i made the mistake of buying the automotive junk and drained it quickly.

Rotella is what Rekluse recommends, so that is what i use

pm me and I can give you a heads up on a good source for the clutch

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