Pics to change out jets? (pls help, I'm retarded)

I am not friendly with the engine as a whole. :D

I want to change the starter jet and other jets.

Anyone have pics or a link that has pics on changing out jets in a 450? My brain doesn't process the manual very well. I need to see it before I do it (or I'm sure I'll break the bike!)

Thanks in advance, Bud. :)

I admire your honesty. LOL

After reading a post like that I wish I could help.

Im not going to claim that I know anything about jetting compared to other jetting gurus on this board but why do you want to change the starter jet?

Do you mean main jet? or pilot jet?

Why exactly do you want to change your jetting? Whats the bike doing?

Others on here could probably tell you what to start with...

I'm cutting out the back of the airbox as described on previous posts and want to adjust the jetting to compensate for the increased airflow. Also, my e-start pretty much sucks, so I'm changing my starter jet from a 65 to a 72 (like others have done with good results).

Does that sound about right?? :D :D

Ah, who the hell knows...... the damn bike is still faster than this rider could ever do it justice :)


Im my opinion, (take it for what its worth) :) I would increse your main jet a size or two to compensate for the airbox lid.

As for your starter jet, I couldnt tell you because Ive never had a problem starting my bike.

All my jets have always been stock except the main and its always ripped. (with a PCIV SA pipe and airbox lid cut and a Uni-Filter )

Good luck.

Hey Doc,I can do better than pic's... Bring it on over to my place, I only live about 20 minutes from you. There is also a small area next to me that you can take short test flights to try out your jetting changes. All you need to bring is a pocket full of jets.. Feel free to p.m me....

Hey Doc,I can do better than pic's... Bring it on over to my place, I only live about 20 minutes from you. There is also a small area next to me that you can take short test flights to try out your jetting changes

People like this are what makes TT so great! :)

SoCalWR426 - you are the man. :)

I'm having a difficult time finding the starter jet (72), but I know I want the 165 main.

I would take you up on your offer, but I've pretty much got my bike apart in my garage and it would be a little hard to transport.

Once I get my parts in order, and if I can't figure it out, I'll definitely give you a PM.

You give TT a good name. Bud

If you take off the Big Nut on the bottom of your carb, stick your finger in the big hole, you can feel the main jet, it is almost level with the bottom of the carb body. Take a 6mm socket and remove the jet. it should be a 150. My bike came with a small bag with a few jets in it, one of them is a 155, my bike has a 160 in it. These are richer than the stock one. if you plan on leaving the baffle in, you may be able to get away with the 155. if not, go to your bike shop, show them your jet and tell them you need a 160 just like it. If they ask what it came out of, tell them you don't know. Some shops will try to rip you off and tell you that different bikes need "special jets" (crap). Mine were from my RM. Put the new jet in your 6mm and thread it back into the carb CAREFULLY, remember, this is a brass part going into an aluminum part. Snug it in. your manual may have torque specs for the jet, but if you be careful you should be OK. You should get familiar with your fuel screw. It is right in front of the Big Nut on the bottom of the carb. the easiest way to adjust it is with the small scerwdriver bit from a multidriver set. Once your bike is fully warm (be careful not to burn yourself) turn the idle up a little and turn the screw out slowly untill the idle is at its smoothest. you won't have to turn it very far, probably one to one and a half turns at the most. Once you get a feel for this it's a very valuable tuning tool. You should adjust this screw whenever the temp changes by more than a few degrees, or when you ride in different elevation changes. I tune mine every ride. It's a piece of cake and your scoot will love you for it. It will stall less, pop less on closed throttle, and start easier. I have a ZIP-TY fuel screw and I dig it. I fondle it on every ride, and my scoot rewards my affection with a smooth flow of lovely thumper purr... Sorry, I got carried away, anyhow, go ahead, jump in, don't be skeered, Bikes are almost as much fun to work on as they are to ride, plus you'll save money and get the satisfaction of knowing you did it yourself. If you do screw something up, there are plenty of people who are more than happy to help you get going again. Just try not to break anything too expensive, remember, bones heal themselves, bikes don't. Happy wrenchin' Brother! :):D

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