WR400 questions. Insight please...

I Just did some work on the bike. I am a newbee at wrenching on engine/carb matters...wanted to get more intimate with the bike :>

1) Hot Cams exhaust cam...standard WR timing.

2) Carb cleaned out...fuel screw replaced with extended cable type/easy access external knob. Shop did that...said had to drill a bit to accomodate the plastic hard cover on the cable.

3) Replaced frayed throttle cable.

Took awhile to start up...yes, much easier to push the kickstart down with the autodecompression exhaust! Played with the fuel screw until it started...Rode for a total of 20 miles easy to break in the cam....stopped at 10 miles...tough again to restart. Then returning at 3/4 throttle in 4th....gurgelling? Got back home and changed the oil...clear/clean oil came out of bottom exit point...but very dark/black color out of front frame exit point...this the first time that I changed the oil...have not ridden much since I bought it from the previous owner. Are the oil compartments separate?

Any insight appreciated:ride:

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