Front Fork Question - 06 YZ 450

I have a buddy coming over to help me switch out my springs. He's traditionally worked on Hondas and indicated that the tool he has for loosening the top of the front forks to remove the springs likely won't fit - does anybody have the size needed to loosen those up? Thanks in advance...

The damper cartidge/fork cap on the '05 and later KYB for is a 49mm octagon. I believe the late Honda is 50mm, and that wrench will work.

To change the springs without changing oil in the dampers, unscrew the cartridge, then compress the main tubes and drain the outer chamber. Invert the fork and run the rebound clickers all the way in to record their setting, then back them all the way out and unscrew the rebound adjuster from the bottom of the fork.

Compress the lower fork leg against the spring to extend the damper rod, disconnect the rod from the adjuster, and remove the damper and spring from the main tube.

Install the new spring and assemble the adjuster back onto the damper rod. Be sure that the adjuster is run all the way down and bottoms out on the rod threads, then lock the rod lock nut to the adjuster. Add 340~350cc of oil, and reassemble.

If you want to do an oil change on the cartridge, you'll also need a 32mm octagonal base valve wrench to remove the base valve from the top of the cartridge.

Impressive Gray, impressive. You always go out of your way to help a fella out. Thanks for all your insight.


Thanks Gray...

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